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At least twice a year I update this space with letters to our daughters. Occasionally I'll update featuring someone who seems particularly notable or inspiring for the Heroes for My Daughters Section. I write things. I make things. I take pictures of things. If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to know more, contact me


A Letter to Our Oldest Daughter on Your 10th Birthday

Today you are 10 years old. 

Sometimes I wonder where the time has gone and am amazed at how quickly you’ve grown. It feels like just the other day you started walking or were learning how to ride a bike. Other times I try to remember my life before you were around and it seems almost impossible. Continue reading...


A Letter to Our Youngest Daughter on Your 4th Birthday

Violet, today you are 4 years old. 

It's been an incredible year for you! We've finally found a pre-school that everyone likes. You really seem to enjoy it and are learning so much. You love to tell us about your day and are getting really close to reading. This year you learned how to swim without a floaty. We still make you wear it most of the time, but it's fun to watch you swim without it. You still hate wearing it. When we were in Missouri this summer you loved being in the lake and had such a good time jumping off the edge of the boat into the water. You are fearless and, as much as I love does make me nervous. 

Continue reading...



Heroes for My Daughters: Bonnie Tinker

When I first met Bonnie Tinker she was coming out of jail. I was legal observing for a large anti-war march where she and her son had been arrested. Her wife, Sara, waited patiently outside the jail with us for hours while Bonnie and their son were booked on various charges. Police had used unprovoked violence, pepper-spray, rubber bullets, and bean-bag rounds against unarmed activists in a misguided attempt at crowd control.

Late into the night we were getting updates from inside the jail and I would talk to Sara to give her any news we’d received. Finally, in the early morning hours Bonnie and her son were released. I wrote down their names, charges and court dates so we could provide them with attorneys, then made sure all of them had a safe ride home. Continue reading...